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Hello there! You have come across the page of some random person on the internet, who goes by the name of her dead cat. Because she likes that name and she loves her cat. This here random internet user likes to write books, and does take reading requests! She likes magic and dragons and war, so expect lots of that in her stories. This random internet user believes romance should go burn in hell, because she finds it gross and absolUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO WRITE. But apparently this random internet user writes good romance because it's torturous and everything you want to happen won't. This random internet user also has goals. You should help. Just think of the KITTENS that could be SAVED through the LOVE that this RANDOM INTERNET USER has for them.

I'm sure you had fun screaming in your head while reading that last sentence.

You can also find my works with one of my best friends in our shared accounts @Morbid_Minds

My Wolf is the Moon, a discontinued series, achieved 155K reads and 10k votes as of November 16th, 2017. Thank you for those who read that series, I hope to see you in my other stories.


[X] Get 100 followers

[X] Get 500 followers

[X] Get 1K followers

[X] Complete 1 book

[ ] Complete 5 books

[ ] Complete 10 books

[X] Get at least one book somewhere in the top ten of any category

[X] Get 100 votes on one story

[X] Get 500 votes on one story

[X] Get 1K votes on one story

[X] Get 1K reads on one story.

[X]Get 100K reads on one story

[ ] Get 1M reads on one story
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I'm officially active and posting on @nightshade1144It's been a wild ride but I hope to see you all there. My Wolf is the Moon, my most popular story will be returning as well!
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