Hiyya there :)
welcome to the wonderous world of my brilliant wattpad account :) I am Bella.
I get obsessed with things very quickly, obsessed as in complete quoting 24/7 and non stop thinking of my obsession, my current obsession is Sherlock, mainly BBC but I am also reading all the originals and crap.
I love Doctor Who, Yu-Gi-Oh and Death Note :) I don't use wattpad very often so if you have to tell me something URGENT, unless I'm onlie and you use chat I wont see it for atleast 37 years :3
I'm probably one of the only girls (apart from the rare awesomes in my friend group) in the Sherlock fandom who doesn't ship Johnlock, shoot me, but I think it's so much better with the constant innuendoes that Sherlock doen't get :)

I'm quite random and this is by far the worst one of these I have ever written :P oh well, I'm hungry and in science so shoot me (seriously, THE BOREDOM DEVOURS MY SOULLLLL)

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The_Master The_Master Jun 20, 2012 02:44AM
@The__Doctor No problem :)
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