Dear All,
          	I am sorry for the long absence. Let's say many things happened, and I needed a break from here.
          	I'll slowly come back to my stories.
          	Then, there's an extremely important matter I want to apologise for and explain. 
          	The use of an extremely offensive and bad word in CH.24 of "Fire and Ice" which I want to say it was absolutely never wrote in the intent to belittle or insult because I really would never do it, since you know how I see things. It was (wrongfully) used to show how insulting and hurtful it is when said. But it wasn't properly handled in the story, as I was very immature as writer at the time and it only came out hurting my readers, of which I'm sorry because it really wasn't my intent. 
          	I'll see to it this weekend and fix the chapter because I don't want to hurt nor offend people, and, personally, I can't stand any form of discrimination. I try to fight them in my little way. 
          	Please accept my humble and sincere apologies for not handling it correctly, for not being able to actually pass the message I wanted to convey. I would never ever want to hurt, belittle, or offend anyone. I want to give love and magic with my stories. I'm very sorry.
          	Thank you for your support and for letting me know your thoughts in the comments and for letting me understand what must be fixed. Thank you.
          	Lots of love and magic,


@-Tonia74- it was the n word not a casual curse word or the f slur


@TheWitchAndTheCat Hope you are doing well and I can't wait to read the continuation of the Fire and Ice saga. Can you please post if you will be moving any stories to your other platform? Thank you!!


@TheWitchAndTheCat welcome back sweetie I hope this finds you well. Can't wait to read your new chapters, and if you ever get any of these books published buying them.


Hope you are doing well, you have been gone for a long time now.  Don't know the reason why you stop writting your books, I am really sad about it as they are wonderfull.  I understand that you lost your Cat and as I also lost mine 2 months ago I can really feel your pain.  I just hope that you will soon have the time and energy to provides us with your wonderfull stories.  I am still hoping that you will eventually get back to your unfinished stories and be able to create new ones.  Let me blow some magic fairy dust on you, it might help you as Viola's dust helped me. Hope to hear from you soon. ‍♀️