Hello! Welcome to this random account I made to let out some of my creativity. I'll most likely be writing little fanfictions (Phan, Joshler, Killugon(maybe?), other) or stories that happened to me irl, and other stuff similar. Maybe even some stories of some of my oc's?

I haven't really decided yet, and I wont be active alot on here, so if you want to get to know me better, you can either message me on here (keep in mind I'm not going to be active often) or (shameless self-promo) go follow me on twitter @LunarTrashhh
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Stories by TheWindowSill
Mistakes - Hunter x Hunter [ killua x gon/killugon] by TheWindowSill
Mistakes - Hunter x Hunter [ killua x gon/killugon] Fanfiction
This story is set during the Heaven's Arena arc when Killua and Gon first got their rooms on floor 100. When Killua started having nightmares, Gon would secretly sneak into his room at night to watch over him. Alth...
my shrine for brown eyes by TheWindowSill
my shrine for brown eyes Spiritual
Just pictures of brown eyes. Yep. Mostly Dan Howells eyes B R O W N E Y E S Also, I put this in the category "spiritual" because I have a spiritual connection with brown eyes.
-Pushover- (Completed) by TheWindowSill
-Pushover- (Completed) Random
Hello, this is a little page talking about how I am as a pushover and how i put others before me, to the point where its not a good habit. Get ready for some deep shit. Vote and comment if you relate to this (so i...
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