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FOr Starters, I do love Central Park (location box) with that said I live in New York City. Yes I am in High School for currently a Junior! So excited for a new year! I was on a leap year >.< usually when I tell people that they're like "Do you celebrate your b-day every four years!?". I guess but I celebrate my bday on the 27th ^_^. Sucks....but it's kinda cool. I love love kittens! I wish I could have a baby kitten that can STAY a baby kitten...lol...im weird.

Movies/TV Shoes: (Im a big horror/romantic kind of gal)
Sherlock Homles.
All the Saw movies.
Haunting in C.
The Notebook
TheWalk To Remember
The House Next Door
Rush Hour
Vampire Diaries (etc....)

Linkin Park
Mayday Parade
Bruno Mars
John Mayer
Led Zep
Guns n ROses
Pink Floyd
Escape The Fate
Eyes Set To Kill
Jimi Hendrix
Alicia Keys
Lady Gaga
As I Lay Dying
Evanescence (etc...)

I love reading and writing and hopefully I upload a story and you guys love it!
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