Sul Sul!/Konnichiwa!/Bonjour!/Hello! And welcome to my profile. You can get out of my profile because the page isn't interested to you... But if you want then, explore!

-I'm a teen who gets all the crazies and nosebleed pools.
-I'm an ironic person...
-I'm an otaku! And currently, I have a ton of anime schedules to come up! T^T
-I'm 801 otaku. In other words, fudanshi. And I feel the extinction of my people! I might survived to the fittest!
-I'm a kouhai in my country...In other words, I'm a sophomore (9th grader student).
-Level 1-tsundere; Level 2-frank person; Level 3-Yandere... You can save up your dirty little jokes about me and have a chance through your survival. :3
-I'm soooo slow in making a new chapter... But I can't stop giving up!
-Swiss knife and ballpens are two of my best friends!
-Neko is love, Neko is life. And NO, we didn't do yaoi...
-I'm physically bit like a girl (my friends told me, not me!)
-I'm drawing anime! But...I'm still practicing it. :P

That's all for now! (=TェT=)

By the way, I would like to follow this daijobu author: @ynnabanana25. She is also my friend in real life. Another reader: @cheska_sayasaya, who is also my friend in real life with a ridiculously positive attitude :P.
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ThePeculiarMe ThePeculiarMe Nov 04, 2014 11:47AM
Why are the recommended tags on Discover tab labeled gay-related stuff!? I read fantasy, rant books, and cliche romance stories... T_T
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