Well, for starters, I'm a Christian gentlemanly blacksmith. That's right. A blacksmith. No, I won't make you a sword, or forge you the One Ring (trust me, I got enough flak for the last time, I lent it to this Sauron guy, and it went downhill since in the ring industry), but if ye give me a wee bit of time, I might make you something shiny and purty. Anyhoo, I'm American, but I've got a huge back-history in my fam, I'm a writer in my spare time (which, since I'm in college, I'm kinda busy), as said before, I'm a blacksmith in training, I knit steel (read, make chainmaille armor/jewelry/etc), and I'm a fencer, so a lot of it often gets mixed up into my stories. I'm a pretty nice guy, until you get me really riled, but that takes an awful lot. Anyhoo, message me, ner vode! I don't bite!

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