I am writer and artist originally from Long Island, New York. A love of storytelling was engendered in me at a very young age. I was challenged by my mother to make up the ending of stories that she started. I wrote my first "book" at age five. It began a creative drive that followed me through adulthood. I've always made writing a part of my life, whether it was my involvement with my high school literary magazine, creating my own web comic, maintaining a blog, or self publishing my stories.

Science fiction, fantasy, and mythology hold a great interest to me. These genres question the boundaries of possibility and impossibility. Things that can never be, come to life. Whole universes can be dreamt in lines of print. From those impossibilities we can bring inspiration into our own world. At its core that is what writing is to me, harnessing the impossibilities of fiction and wielding them in the real world.
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Stories by A. Jordan Booth
The Confession of the Golden Dagger by TheEpicBeyond
The Confession of the Golden Dagger Fantasy
Young Andrew Doro was a man of noble birth never questioning his station in life, until he discovered he possessed amazing god like power. He soon learns that he is not alone. Awoken into a changing world, he takes...
The Superhero's Log: The Origins of Liquid Silver by TheEpicBeyond
The Superhero's Log: The Origins of Liquid Silver Adventure
Zander, Nicholas, and Steven were three relatively normal brothers growing up on Long Island. Little did they know that an ancient and powerful evil was trapped and hidden in their hometown. When they encounter a s...
Death and Professor Longfellow by TheEpicBeyond
Death and Professor Longfellow Fantasy
Professor Robert Longfellow was a stodgy old man, without much life to him. He dedicated everything to his chosen profession of education. Longfellow placed his mission ‘to enlighten and ennoble young minds’ abo...