Hey lovess!!
          	The results of Thriller Action and Adventure is out now... Run and check it out already! Fire firee... Whosh!
          	-The BAPA Team...❤


@TheBAPACommunity When will LGBTQ round one results be out?


Is there a certain minimum number of entries that y'all want to hit before submissions are closed and the entries are judged? Because it's been taking quite a while for the first round to be complete in some categories and I'd like to know if there is a legitimate reason for the hold-up.


It's been a while since the last update...could you guys please update us on what's going on?


Em please,  are the paranormal entries full?  Because my book has been there for quite a while now. It could also fall under fantasy , because at least  that doesn't have a second round yet. 


A quick shout out to all the Teen Fiction second rounders. The judging process has started. So try to have as many chapter as possible since the whole book is going to be judged.
          To all those who haven't gotten their results yet, sorry for the delay. The host in charges are working on it.
          We are in dire need of judges. If anyone's interested please fill the forms of judges.
          -The BAPA Team


Hi, just wanted to know if I've been accepted in the Paranormal category, I followed all the rules and am simply waiting for a reply. Thanking you in advance.


Hi, I was wondering if you were still accepting applicants for paranormal? It said open, but just wanted to check


Heyya beautiful people!‍♀️✨...
          So Science fiction and Thriller Action Adventure have been closed and the result of the first round of Science Fiction is up! Go check it out already!... Thriller Action Adventure will be out soon too, so let's wait until that thrilling moment!... Yippee!
          The BAPA Team!