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          	I'm so excited that Double-Crossed is now on Wattpad and available for free!
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@TheAllyCarter i literally just scrolled down and saw double crossed.Then died for two seconds then resurected so i can come and tell you how much i love these books.Now excuse me while i go and die once more! BYE!!!:)


Dear Ally
          You are probably used to messages like this,but I like the way how you write about teenaged girl spies,and thieves.I read your Gallagher series first because I saw the first book at our hospice,so I thought...why not. When I opened the book and started reading I couldn't seem to put it down,  my parents even got annoyed because I was sitting in my room reading that book like my life dependend on it.
          I am a huge bookworm and to be honest ,when I read (I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you) I just knew I had to read the rest of the series.It took me a few months to save enough money to buy the actual book series , because I prefer the books because I know I am going to read it again. I Saved money and bought it on . And then again to buy the heist soceity books. Your books are very rare from where I come from. You inspire me and I write a little too but never post or publish. Keep writing. And the next series I'm saving for is Embassy Row,if I can find it that is. 
          Yours sincerely 


You are one of my favourite authors.I've read all of you're embassy row book series and have just started reading The Gallagher Girls.Im currently on book 3,and im literally in love with you're writing.You are one of the best authors out there Ally Carter ♡♡♡


Hey Ally!
          I just wanted to really quickly say that your newest (in print) book, Not if I Save You First, is absolutely fantastic and doesn't get enough love for what it really is. I can tell you put a lot of work and research into it. 
          That’s it! Thanks for providing us with the pleasure of reading your books time after time! 
          Wishing you the best in whatever you do,
          Amelia H.


Hey, Ally! I'm one of ur newest fan. I recently read the Gallagher girls series n honestly I have become kind of obsessed with ur books, planning to read the heist society next n I have just read the double cross book,it was great but I'm kind of upset because Cammie, bex n Liz wasn't there with macey so,..... I don't know if u have plans but I hope u write another double crossover book with all the characters n maybe a sequel where the heist society would meet the amazing Gallagher girls! Tq