Hey I'm Sophie. I'm 20 years young, I'm generally a happy person.

I love reading, writing, music and dancing! I'm a dance teacher at my university

I literally eat, sleep, breathe music! I play the clarinet, saxophone and guitar...

Big Harry Potter fan, so if you diss it... I better not be around :P

'No story lives unless someone wants to listen...' ~ Couldn't have said it better myself J.K.
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The5ophie The5ophie Sep 05, 2015 11:21PM
I've got chapter three of Scarlet Moon ready to go, just waiting on you guys! It's going to be a gooden' so be prepared!! It'll probably be up tomorrow, so watch this space! x
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To Marry A Weasley (Third Instalment)

Social data: 2.5K reads. 140 votes. 28 comments.

Description: The life of Ariella Tonks hasn't exactly been easy, but it is about to get a damn side harder. Training to be an Auror as well as trying to plan a wedding isn't as easy as it once seemed, especially with the...


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Scarlet Moon

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Story Reading List

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