Hey I'm Sophie. I'm 18 years young, I'm generally a happy person. That's me on the right up at the top... i don't  exactly look very happy up there, but oh well!

I love reading, writing, music and dancing!

I literally eat, sleep, breathe music! I play the clarinet, saxophone and guitar...

Big Harry Potter fan, so if you diss it... I better not be around :P

'No story lives unless someone wants to listen...' ~ Couldn't have said it better myself J.K.
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Scarlet Moon

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Description: The mountains in Romania were always a beautiful sight to anyone that came across them, but for nineteen year old Gabriela they meant something else. Although undeniably beautiful, Gabriela dreaded seeing those mountains again and that was for one r...

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Simply Sirius (Book 1 of Tales of the Marauders)

Simply Sirius (Book 1 of Tales of the Marauders)

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Simply Sirius is the first instalment of three tales about the Marauders. I hope you all enjoy it and wa...

To Marry A Weasley (Third Instalment)

To Marry A Weasley (Third Instalment)

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The life of Ariella Tonks hasn't exactly been easy, but it is about to get a damn side harder. Trainin...

The 7 Sins... I mean Sons

The 7 Sins... I mean Sons

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When people mention the seven deadly sins, people automatically think of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, p...

Saving Severus (A Severus Snape Love Story)

Saving Severus (A Severus Snape Love Story)

5K 142 35

Everyone knows the story about Severus Snape being desperately in love with Lilly, however hardly anyone...

The5ophie commented on Wicked - The Girl

Revenge.... such a good incentive although it does tend to come back and bite you. This is a nice development, however I feel rather overwhelmed and confused with who everyone is, but none the less I love it!