I'm a fifteen year old socially awkward kid with no time but plenty of procrastination skills.

-Harry Potter
-Doctor Who
-Welcome to Night Vale
-The Mortal Instruments
-Skulduggery Pleasant
-Teen Wolf
-Miraculous Ladybug
-Dan and Phil
-Thomas Sanders
-Sanders Sides
I think you get the idea...

So, me. I'm an INTP-T personality type. I like sleep, although I don't get much. I intend to write plenty, but will probably never have any kind of updating schedule. I'd like to finish my fics completely before uploading though. I follow back! If anyone wants to talk about literally anything, I'm always up for conversation and I need friends. I'm ridiculously obsessive about grammar/spelling too. Sorry about that. 😜
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Story by RileyOfRavenclaw
Cancer- A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction by ThatOneRavenclawKid
Cancer- A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction
My debut fanfiction! This is a Sherlock oneshot, a songfic to Cancer by My Chemical Romance. Sorry if this m...
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