I am an LGBT+ supporter. i'm a guy but I wish i was born a girl. i'm a Genderfluid (they/she pronouns) pansexual demiromantic polyamorous cat.


@ParallelWriter is my best friend IRL and on here, check him out.

Favorites: Animal: Tigers or cats

Anime: DBZ (only abridged, movies, and manga), Death Note, and Assassination Classroom

Hobby: Writing, poetry, music, and gaming.

Games: Dig Dug, Black Ops Zombies (fave is 2, but i like 3), gmod, subnautica, and cs:go.

Movie: Ready Player One (released on march 30, 2018), FINDING NEMO AND FINDING DORY, Dr Strange, OBSESSION WITH HARRY POTTER

Book: Ready Player One, Symptoms of Being Human, Keeping You a Secret

Manga: DBZ, DB, Sandland, working on YuYu Hakusho

Food: Ramen and fruity candy.

Youtuber/idol: Markiplier, JSE, doddleoddle.

Csgo pro team (yes i watch pro): Before Hiko switched, Liquid. Now my fave is NiP, and i have a serious detest for FaZe (Rain is okay) and my favorite underdog team is Vega Squadron


About me: i'm somewhat of a sociopath, have depression, anxiety, slight ADHD, mood swings, hopeless romantic, have horrible self control and organization issues. I'm Alex, i live in the USA, and am 18.

Future: my plan is to become author/therapist. Will probably start a gaming channel.

Random: i fit in better with girls, has a christian family but am agnostic, have a broken family. Hopelessly loyal (fatal flaw)
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