@icannotfall ha! I'll never be done with them. :P


What happened to your reading list??!?!!!


          Yes, capitalizing is quite the struggle.  One question: Can I have the teen wolf boys once you're done?


@icannotfall its okay, i have Peeta from The Hunger Games, Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf, Damon and Stephen from The Vampire Diaries, Amanda from Revenge, and alot of The Mavel's gang helping me out, including The Avengers. Thor and Captain America have a think for me. its a love triangle i dont plan on breaking. but you can help wattpad fix its app. i cant get to my profiles or the discover part. but i can get to everything else. im on the pc right now and im waaay outta practice. i gotta capitalize my own i's and all, like what is that?


"I'm saving Mars from the intergalactic beings terrorizing Marzinians sent out to find the riches of a rare material hidden deep in the planet." 
          What's the rare material? And can I help you find it?


Hi! So after like ages, I finally updated moo cow. It's not a very good chapter, and it's short...but it's something, right? Hope you enjoy it :D


Why have you been so on point with your comments?... Lol. 
          You always catch things ;) but that's good :) thanks for commenting. 
          Those bad guys need a life. Lol