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Harry Potter and the Magic War

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Description: Book Four in the series begun with Harry's Future

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Left Hand of Destiny

Left Hand of Destiny

1.5K 56 3

The sequel to The Changemaker. The continuation of the tale of Martin Adams in the Kingdom of Cairstain.

Professor Potter

Professor Potter

224K 2.6K 201

A continuation from Harry's Future as Harry pursues the hopefully quiet life of a Hogwarts academic.

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

Harry Potter and the Children of the Clan

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This is the third installment , sequel to Harry's Future and Professor Potter, putting more emphasis on...

Harry's Future

Harry's Future

279K 3K 559

This is the first of several 'book's that form a fairly Canon bridge between the last chapter of Deathly...

Swissdog commented on Harry's Future - Chapter 15

If the Deathly Hallows were at one time owned by the three Peverell brothers and Voldemort was possibly descended from one, and Harry was possibly descended from one of the others, and Voldemort is truly an heir of Slytherin, wouldn't that mean that Harry is quite possibly the heir of Sytherin as well?   I guess it comes down to how reliable the information about the Peverelll brothers truly is.   Are they legend or fact???
Okay, Time for an update.  Finally found out what was wrong and can now post again.   For those of you who noticed a temporal dislocation, you are correct.  I jumped the beginning of Magic War by one year so that i could bring Albus into the school.  However, with all the issues i was having I posted two chapters that failed to explain that properly.  I purged the original two chapters and have updated with the four that have the correct time line.  So it should make more sense.
tralala777 posted a message to Swissdog
I also have a question - I'm just curious to know whether you've already figured out the whole plot for this series? It's really good and detailed and has a nice flow