Everything I do is to inspire. I Dance to inspire. I Sing to inspire.
Everything I do I try to please JC always. With my Dance group Prophes-i! <Love Dem Always :D

I'll read anything that i think is good. But PLEASE dont ask me to read sket stories! They really frickin piss me off! Apart from that im open to anything new.

My only story at the moment is - 'In Need Of A Definition'.
With help from my girl @PreettyDarkSkin_ < Love My Crazy Girl :D ♥♥. Im not really a writer but i felt inspired so i started it and now im feenin to continue and just see where it goes. =]

Favourite Writerss!!
@nyx-redbird - Got Me Hooked on Wattpad since Rayne ♥

Favourite Artistss!!
Chris Brown ♥♥♥
Kevin McCall ♥
Khalil ♥♥♥
Diggi Simmons
Trey Songz ♥
Bow Wow
Lil Wayne
J Cole
Nicki Minaj
Jessie J ♥
Keyshia Cole ♥

When we're together
It feels, I feel
The sunny weather
Puts a smile right on my face ♥
So why would I ever turn my back on what we have
Oh boy, you always bring
That first day of spring ♥♥

Fully Nigerian and Proud !! :D
Always Christian and Proud !! :D

96% of teens won't stand up for God.
Put this on you page if you're one of the 4% who will.


& I Lσνє Bєιиg Mє !ッ
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@praiseert ive finally uploaded hun, please voe and comment and like and promote lol :D
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In Need Of A Definition

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Description: Naveah Angel Brooks is just another teenager. But she's lost, at that stage where she is trying to find who she is. So many people are pulling her back and making her feel worthless. A story of a young girl se...


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Story Reading List