Hi there! I'm author Jesse Rose. I'm a quiet guy that has a lot of thoughts rummaging about in his head. Sometimes I write them down. And sometimes I share them with people.

I like to write things. Sometimes they're sad, sometimes they're graphic, sometimes they're scary. Whatever each story is, I just hope anyone who reads them will find some sort of inspiration from my ideas and ramblings. And maybe, just maybe, the right person will see some of my work and give me a million dollars.
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Stories by Jesse James Rose
The Girl & The Rubik's Cube by SurvivalProcedure
The Girl & The Rubik's Cube Horror
A man uses a Rubik's Cube as a device to attract women. He's just met Morgan, and she's not all he expects her to be. A thrilling five-part series that questions our values and life decisions.
North Sentinel Island by SurvivalProcedure
North Sentinel Island Horror
Two brothers embark on a journey to a forbidden island inhabited by the most isolated and murderous group of people in the world in order to retrieve an item their father left behind 30 years earlier.