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Natsume Kou || 16 years old || Los Angeles || Summer's Hottest Season

Who loves summer? I do! We do—not exactly. Most people prefer winter. Who wouldn't want summer break in winter?

I love summer because:

√It's part of my name
√You get to have ice scream
√Eating nonstop
√The beach


I'm an outgoing person who's shy to admit that she's an Otaku. Yes, I am a hikikomori, fangirl and an Otaku mixed altogether. And I fangirl over these bæs that completes my summer vacation:

• Chihiro Mayuzumi - KNB
• Akashi Seijuurou - KNB
• Makoto Tachibana - FREE!
• Nanase Haruka - FREE!
• Rivaille Ackerman - SNK
• Eren Jaeger - SNK
• Kou [Forgot his last name--his from Ao Haru Ride]


Currently in the Philippines, studying in this tropical country for highschool since mom couldn't afford the schools in L.A. I, proudly, am born in L.A but has the blood of am outgoing Filipina.

=^u^= I'm friendly, I do reading request. ONLY if my bæs are in that story. :3 So yeah, other fandoms without mah baes, maybe next time. :3

Happy summer, minasan! Congratulations to the graduates! :)
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