Hi! How are you?

-very soft
-obsessive over my favorite things
-living for the color pink
-always looking for friends
-an over thinker
-realist which can lead to pessimistic (though I try to be optimistic)
-Kinda basic
-slow at updating

I also am in a lot of anime related fandoms and musical related, very little TV show related. Sorry!


Bisexual (maybe lesbian..?)
Very femme
Vibes with a range of music
Doesn't like politics too much
Always cold
Mary Saotome kinnie <3

Halloween is the best holiday
Gay shouldn't be a derogatory word
Spring is awesome except for allergies
Riverdale is overrated
You can be a fan without being in the fandom
Anime doesn't deserve all the hate it gets
@https-egghead is the best ren
Lesbian earrings rock
Cuddles is one of the best forms of affection
Don't trust anyone who doesn't like animals
Chokers, ripped jeans, tights, etc. shouldn't be as sexualized as it is
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