Hi guys! Check this book. Another book that would help newly writers❤️


Your last update was in November 2021. When will u finish Regina story. It seems like every story I've picked 2 read ends up being an unfinished story.  You don't know how frustrating it is to be reading an amazing story to only find it's not finished. Please come back &write some more amazing stories . 


Also if your looking for good complete supernatural (mostly werewolf) books check my reading lists 


Always check to see if the book has a sequels and that it’s complete before you read the first one. It will save you a lot of time and disappointment.


Hi Rosa , Aria here 
          I’ve started writing a story "THE LOST PRINCESS OF AURIS" plz do giv it a read and if u genuinely enjoy reading it, then like my book.( plz do giv it a try dude)
          Here’s to hoping you’ll love my badass heroine !!!!!