Steve Buchanan's Omaha Midwest roots were ingrained in him, as he initially hails from Sioux City, Iowa, and lived in Omaha for several years. However, he currently resides in South Florida, where he enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Throughout his life, Mr. Buchanan has been actively involved in philanthropic activities, primarily focusing on healthcare services. While in Omaha, he dedicated his time and resources to the local Children's Hospital, which offers primary, specialty, urgent, and virtual care from multiple locations in Greater Omaha. He also supported the Nebraska Humane Society's local Omaha branch, which plays an active role in animal welfare by providing education and shelter services.

In Florida, Mr. Buchanan contributes to the Mayo Clinic, a Rochester, Minnesota-based not-for-profit healthcare institution that has been offering medical services to patients worldwide for over a century. The health system includes several campuses, such as a medical college, clinics, and hospitals, with one campus located in Jacksonville, Florida.

In summary, Steve Buchanan's involvement in several community organizations showcasing his commitment towards social responsibility. His philanthropic endeavors towards healthcare services serve society to address critical healthcare needs.
  • Highland Beach, Florida
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