Greetings stalkers! Allow me to make things a bit easier for you guys and give you a few pointers about me:
I am normally a very sweet person as long as you don't eat my sweets, poke me or insult me. . . then I'll go psycho bitch on your ass! JUST KIDDING!...maybe
I <3:
*the colours Grey, Black, Blue, and Dark Purple;
*watching horror movies;
*and rock music, my favourite bands are
-Bring Me The Horizon
-Falling in Reverse
-Bullet for my Valentine
-Breaking Benjamin
-The Pretty Reckless
-Within Temptation...

I am a tall girl who happens to be afraid of heights...
I adore snakes and spiders, and before you go on about how creepy they are, remember that they kill insects and other critters.

So there you have it...

P.S If you want me to read your stories/poem etc. just ask, I always vote and leave my opinion :)

Oh and yes I follow back ;)
Happy Stalking!
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SnwFox SnwFox Aug 31, 2013 03:51PM
@emosrtakingover YAAy you wrote more!!!! GOING TO READ IT RIGHT AWAY!!!
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