Hello to whoever and whatever see's this!

Uh, I don't know what else to say...

I'm a pretty boring person with many flaws.
I'm also very slow at everything so that adds to why I have nothing to say except for what I'm writing right now.

Well, anyways I have an art book so you can look at that to know more about me.

I try to make my art book a little "professional" but considering how I don't know how to be it's not. It's up to what you think is professional.

Welp, now that I'm done with that. Yay!!! I'm suprised you've read this far!
And thank you for taking some time out of your day/night to read this!
Your a very kind and generous person!
If you think otherwise than why did you read all of this?
Anyways, if you still think your not, you can try to argue with me on how your aren't.
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Story by Pernicious Snow
Woah... Art (Note the Sarcasm) by Snowy-Fire-Fox
Woah... Art (Note the Sarcasm)
It's art!!! My art isn't consistent with what it is. It could be any type of art because I don't have a cons...
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