Real Name: Classified

Alias: Sky Tempest

Status: Alive

Birthplace: Philippines

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Nationality: Filipino

Hobby: Watching Animes, reading Mangas/Wattpad/Fanfiction, watching YouTube

• I don't like too much drama or angst (too much is bad for my heart 🥲)

• I don't like RWBY Volume 4-8

• My favorite Anime are Tensura and Maou Gakuin

• My Favorite Ships are: Nagikae, Riel (Rimuru x Ciel), Rimuru x Chloe, Rimuru x Ruminas, etc etc

• The very first Anime i watched is Dragon Ball Z

• My Childhood Shows are Power Rangers, SpongeBob, BoBoiBoy and Ben 10

• My Favorite Genres are Romance, Slice of Life, Isekai, and Fantasy

• My Favorite Webtoon is Sweet Home

• My Favorite Characters are Rimuru Tempest (Tensura), Tsunayoshi Sawada (KHR), Anos Voldigoad (TMODKA), Nagisa Shiota (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), Shiraori/Kumoko-chan (SIASSW), Izuku Midoriya (MHA), Shoto Todoroki (MHA), Bakugo Katsuki (MHA), Yukihira Soma (FOOD WARS), BoBoiBoy (BoBoiBoy Galaxy), Caster Gilgamesh and Kid Gil (Fate/Grand Order), Senji Muramasa (Fate/Grand Order), Ritsuka Fujimaru (Fate/Grand Order), Shirou Emiya (Fate Series), etc. Etc.

• Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black and White

•I hate NTR with a passion.

PS. I like the Tensura Male Characters But i don't like the ships that involve Rimuru x Male Characters (i.e. Guy x Rimuru) (My dislikes for them started when I accidentally saw a hentai of Rimuru and a male)

PPS. I do not condone inc*st, NTR, harem, r@p3 or any all of that sh*t in real life (like that's really messed up and just wrong irl, dude).
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