Your one-shots are so heartbreaking, but beautifully written. I want to ask, how do you find these? I found like 1 heartbreaking story on this website apart from yours which is just akai(red), so how do you manage to find these?



“Please Confess To Me” by Grumpy Crab
          OMGGG... THANKS FOR SHARING AND UPLOADING THIS HERE IN WATTPAD!! Like gooddd, after finishing reading this novel it became one of my favorite CN Novel, because of the deep love and insecurities of the male lead, and the great story of this novel. And, I want to say, THANK YOU☺! For sharing this here in Wattpad, without you I don't think I can read this wonderful novel. 
          Likeee, ahhh... Thank you for sharing this. God bless you. And, mwah, luv u, THANK U !
          PS. I'll read the other novels you shared & uploaded here, next time hehe... ❤