Lee Driver is the author of the Chase Dagger series which combines mystery with urban fantasy, sci-fi, and sometimes horror.  The author was weaned on Shock Theatre, Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond. Her first introduction to mysteries was in high school when she discovered Nancy Drew.  Not long after graduation her cousin gave her a copy of Stephen King's Salem's Lot and she has been sitting on the genre fence ever since.  THE GOOD DIE TWICE is the first in the series which currently numbers 7.  She will start soon on #8.  Lee Driver is a pseudonym of S.D. Tooley, the author of the Sam Casey mystery/paranormal series.
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Story by Lee Driver
The Good Die Twice by Shapeshifter17
The Good Die Twice
Chase Dagger is a private detective with no past, a sometime fiancée, a scarlet macaw with a brain and an att...