Name: Aina
Favourite youtuber: Dark Corner,Batsimonefire,HoodoHoodlumsRevenge,Madame macabre,Jordan Persegati,Kyotosomo,SNARLED,5-Minute Craft,Bright side,Biiju Mike,Top15s,Kyutie,Ijustwannahavefun,Hasbro,Daily Fun Facts,Lychee Chong,Yandere Dev,Black Plasma Studios,Monsta,Laurenzside,MostAmazingTop10,Reaction Time,TheTalko,MrCreepyPasta,Markiplier,jacksepticeye,Myuuji and Naomi Hasunuma
(Yes,I'm everywhere (✨🌟U🌟))
I love to..: draw,music,play recorder and play games
Gender: female/girl
Personality: loner,imaginative,unique and calm
Born on..: 15 May 2007 (Taurus)
Religion: Muslimah/Islam
Single or taken?: Single. Even in the after life.
Fandom: Creepypasta,Schoold girl simulator,Legend of Zelda,Mystic Messenger,anime,Boboiboy,My little pony,Ever After High and Monster High
Phobia(s)?: trypophobia(fear of holes),
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia(fear of long words),
Philophobia(fear of falling in love),
Kainatophobia(fear of changes),
Arachnophobia(fear of spiders),
Acrophobia(fear of heights) and
Aviophobia(fear of flying)
(I didn't type all phobias okay?)
Fun/mysterious facts about me:
1: my tongue is long and I don't know why but it's really long until it's on my chin(or more)
2: Last time,I check my teeth it has 4 sharp teeth on the above and bottom. But now,i check it again it came back to its normal teeth... (My mom and dad don't know about this)
3: My grandfather said when I was a baby,I talk but didn't came out a single voice(imagine people,IMAGINE.)
Sibling(s)?: only 1 little sister
Sister name: Ameena
Sibling gender: female/girl
Sibling age: 8 years old
Sister personality: kinda cheerful,playful and ANNOYING.
What I look like:
Hair: Black and medium size sometimes cover the right eye
Eyes: dark brown/almost black
Face: pale and many freckles/zits I think?
What I always wear daily:
Black hoodie,casual red/black/white/blue shirt,jeans and red sports shoes.

I hope I make a new friend(s) in here!
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Guys,I know I haven't updated my drawing book for MONTH now. Yes, a month. And I'm very very sorry for not mentioning  your chat or some comments or feedback or request and I knew I've done some bad...
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