I won a Spongebob popsicle in the lottery.



this message may be offensive
Came back for a few minutes because of a joke, and found that people STILL read my "books" from when I was cringy and depressed. I've deleted all of them since it's all outdated shit.
           I've moved on from Wattpad and I'm doing literate roleplay on Discord, as well as actually writing believable, flavorful, and deep characters as opposed to my old OCs. The older ones could hardly even be called characters, they were horribly written.
          If you turn out to be an old friend of mine (which I doubt, it's been like two years since I left aside from logging in for jokes), ask me for my Discord or something in DMs, I dunno. I may see it, I may not. 
          Oh yeah, and most of the description on this profile is going as well seeing as it's so outdated.


No, you're back for good now. I'm holding you hostage.


I'm gonna leave Wattpad permanently. I came around as a BNHA anon back when those were forst starting to show up. I can pretty much accept the fact that that generstion of users are dead, most friends I made hete have left too, so I might as well go eith 'em.


            What's his discord? -~- I get find him. If tells me there is an error. 


@-Yusuke_ do you have Instagram or something so we still talk?;_;