Sebastian Greenwood is an innovative leader. Sebastian Greenwood - a real leader and qualified marketing professional. Sebastian Greenwood was born in Sweden and it was here that his beginnings in business showed their success at an early stage. At the age of twenty years old Greenwood earned a degree in economics from Ostra Real in Stockholm, a truly academic university with a number of accolades itself. Following the degree he was able to make a number of decisions that gave him good business clout and a sense of honesty that would define him as an approachable, successful man later on.
  • Stockholm, Sweden
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Sebastian Greenwood - One Coin by SebastianGreenwood
Sebastian Greenwood - One Coin
Sebastian Greeenwood and OneCoin are here to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency
About Sebastian Greenwood by SebastianGreenwood
About Sebastian Greenwood
Sebastian Greenwood may just be the most well-rounded person you will ever meet. He is an accomplished deep-s...
  Sebastian Greenwood - flawless professional   by SebastianGreenwood
Sebastian Greenwood - flawless p...
Before getting to know Sebastian Greenwood, one almost undoubtedly has the impression that he is a flawless p...