Tomboy...of course! Someone's gotta keep the boys at school in line! 

No we don't live in Igloos or ride Polar bears in Juneau. They have igloos up by Barrow, but Polar bears would sooner eat you then let you touch them.

Never been on a train...I am a total bookworm and have a twin sister. Trust me, it's not as nice as you think it is.

I have a curious habit of speaking with different accents, and I noticed that us Alaskan's don't really pronounce our T's. Like mountain, we pronounce it {maow-un}. Weird huh.

I must warn you I absolutely abhor NON-Fiction unless it's from the Medeival Ages.

I am officially a Senor in High School, and hope to study Archaeology at Western Washington University.

I am straight but fully support those who are not, I am Lutheran but don't mind those who are not. In fact, most of my friends are either gay/les/bi, non-Lutheran, or both.

I will read almost anything well-written.
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