I read somewhere that WattPad is the best place to publish a serialised novel. So I find myself here writing another version of a text that is supposed to describe myself.

The idea of writing "Knudalce" started out of a discussion on what could be the anti-thesis to a very popular, well educated, English writer in India. This guy is so popular that his books are available in supermarkets (where they never stock anything beyond stationary)!

During the discussion, it turned out that in order to be the anti-thesis to this particular writer, I have to do the following -
a) Write a serial instead of a straight out novel.
b) Write for kids and teens even if they are trapped in an adult body as opposed to writing for adults or teens who think they are adults.
c) Use a little more imagination to violate the history, geography, biology and physics of the world we live in.

I will not even try to promote this until I have had about ten chapters going.
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