"Sarcasticus Rex" is my online name. Google it and you're gonna find me.

For past dozen years, I have been honing my writing skills. First as a scriptwriter. In that time I have completed seven scripts, as yet unsold. I'm currently working on two more and have developed and plotted out ideas for numerous others.

Recently, I've been focused on writing short stories, online serials and anthologies. I've also completed the first draft of my first novel, "The Black Wave Event" (or BWE for short). It is set in a super-fiction (superhero/ comic book-style) multiverse called the "Infinatum".

The Infinatum is where most of my super/science fiction takes place. I've been working on it, in one shape of another, for many years. I hoped to bring it to life via comic books or motion comics, but I said 'screw it" and just starting writing.

Besides the BWE, I've written other Infinatum stories, introducing some characters and prominent beings called "Irregulars" that I've posted on my Facebook page. I've also started developing ideas and storylines for a seven book series set after the Black Wave Event, as well as other, potential future stories.

I've just published/ posted one of my stories, "Pry: It's Just a Job I Do". Set in the Infinatum, it was originally going to be an episodic, online series. But I condensed it into individual, stand-alone stories. I have two more stories that I can publish soon. After that, we'll see.

I enjoy creating and writing these characters. It's time to see if others like them too.

I also blog on Wordpress about writing and whatever crosses my mind. Feel free to drop by and have a read. If you like what you've read, cool. If not, don't hold it against me.
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Stories by Mark MacKinnon
Irregulars: Origin of the Species by SarcasticusRex
Irregulars: Origin of the Species Science Fiction
irregular: adj. 1: not regular; unsymmetrical, uneven; varying in form. adj. 2: not occurring at regular intervals. adj. 3: contrary to a rule, principle, or custom; abnormal. noun (theoretical, rare). a creatu...
Pry: It's Just a Job I Do by SarcasticusRex
Pry: It's Just a Job I Do Action
Andreas Pry has a few things going against her. First off, she's a woman bounty hunter, and private investigator, and bodyguard, and security expert, and whatever else she can do to pay the bills. She has the skil...
Pry: Rabbit-Sitting Blues by SarcasticusRex
Pry: Rabbit-Sitting Blues Action
Andreas Pry prefers her rabbits running, not sitting. Chasing down a bounty, or “rabbit”, is like a quick fix. You gear up, head out, hunt down, bring in, and get paid. Simple. But in the city of Las Vegas, post-al...
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