NOW AVAILABLE as PAERBACK & EBOOK: "New Storm Rising", vol 7 of the #StormAndSilence series, with 6 EXTRA CHAPTERS from Mr Ambrose's POV! 
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@RobThier is getting the paperback versions from Amazon the best/only way? I want to buy the rest of the series (I already own some) but I want to make sure YOU get the money and what is owed to you! Thank you sooo much for S&S. I've loved this series since day one and been following since then! 


@RobThier Congratulations, our dear Sir Rob! More success to you, may the entire world witness your genius.♡


@RobThier Finaly it came ! I bought this book as soon as it came. Thank you so much dear Sir Rob for creating this amazing story. I hope that you'll become a worldwide writter. You're name deserve to be known.
          	  Votre éternel lectrice, 


Hi! I want to buy your paperbacks for the storm and silence series (only the first 7 are available so far) but i was wondering if they still have the little educational bits of context at the end of each chapter like on wattpad? It's one thing that i absolutely love about your work and i'd love to know if they're included in the physical books too? - A lil british girl who is very much like Lillian Linton! 


What is the order to read the S and S series? Can anyone please tell me?


@ali35z ONE: Storm and silence 
            TWO: In the eye of the storm
            THREE: Silence is Golden
            FOUR: Silence Breaking
            FIVE: Hunting for Silence
            SIX: Storm of Bells
            SEVEN: New Storm Rising 
            There are a few more but they all say which number they are in the descriptions 


Hellooo mr. Rob! I hope you're doing well yeah? I just want to express my love for your books! Even though I was hoping for something intimate from the both of them HAHAHAH the slow burn that I can't imagine. But anyways, I'm still not finished with the series. I really really love your books! 


Loved your books wholeheartedly never miss the updates thank you for giving us a beautiful, chaotic ,funny, romantic series ever existed this series made a special place in my book reading journey. Keep going and have a successful selling rates


Hello, everyone.
          I hope you don't mind my posting something unrelated to the author's page here, but i hope you can show some love by checking out my story.
          It's my first published story on Wattpad, and I assure you it's an enjoyable read.