IT'S HERE! Follow this link to reach the first chapter of "Storm of Bells":
          	I hope you enjoy it :)
          	Yours Truly
          	Sir Rob


@RobThier I with the series...


@RobThier I am not able to see the forth chapter... Can you help by sending the link??


@RobThier  I've fallen in love with your books and I'm speechless. I feel as though you've cast a  spell upon my heart.I finished all the 5 books in seven days. If it wasn't for school it could have been less but I am so glad I finally read your book. I am looking forward to seeing Silence and Storm series merchandise that will also make me fall in love with them.I'll be patiently waiting for you to update Storm of bells but I don't know how long my heart can take without reading your words


Sir Rob, 
          Myself, and I'm sure many others, would absolutely love a prequel to the S&S series that tells Mr. Ambrose's past. It would be amazing to see how he went from the child his mother once described, to the person he was at the beginning of book one. His adventures in the colonies could be amazing, and yet pretty dark if you think about the things hinted at throughout the series. It would be amazing. Thanks for one of my favorite series ever!


I love how you decided to take a different path in writing, unpredictable unlike the others. Good work Rob, waiting for more till the end.


I am genuinely in love with you and your novel , out standing sense of humour , wish you lot of success 


Hi, I can't view the new chapter you posted this morning. I really want to read it, it makes my school week much more bearable. Can you please repost it and see if that helps?


Omg today's update just made my day. I  can't wait to read the next chapter but at the same time I'm also crying because seems like S&S is coming to end soon.


Can I just say your stories are amazing!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot get enough of them, I'm repeatedly always reading them and I still cannot stop loving them, ur wirk is amazing