Hoi, I'm Rhumaneic, or as some people on discord call me smokey or smokers, I'm a fun loving person that likes to support others in creative efforts, even if its just little things like words of encouragement and comfort, I have nothing against any sexuality, so no matter what, weither you are asexual, homosexual, bisexual or any other sort, your still awesome in my book, you should be yourself, regardless of who you are and what people say, your beautiful and awesome, so don't let others tell ya different, OR I'LL BRING OUT DA CHACLA AND HIT THEM WITH IT! (Sorry, i have a big problem with bullying, hate that so much)also, i like aphmau and a bunch of other things owo) anyway, y'all are great and should feel great, anywho, hope y'all enjoy what I'm writing, bye! ^w^
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Stories by Rhumaneic
??? by Rhumaneic
this story starts underground, after the core overloaded and caused a major change throughout the underground...
News and Teasers by Rhumaneic
News and Teasers
the title is self-explanatory
Infinitytail by Rhumaneic
a story about a girl that has a fate ahead of her, the question is, can she take it? to take the new responsi...
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