If U r reading this is because u wanna know who I am. Well, then, I'm gonna explain something, but not much, I don't want to write a bible lol.

First thing: I'm fucking addicted to the phone. I can't leave it, and if I can't find it, I get really nervous, but I don't mind if anyone takes it and unlocks it. (weird)
Yeah. I know, I have problems, but... There is where I have wattpad and also the yaoi hard gifs (you didn't read that, just... Just act like you didn't)... agh I need it.
Second thing: I'm such a dumb and stupid human being (may I call myself human? cuz I don't think I am one... well, anyway), I tend to lose everything that is valuable, or expensive ;;
And also a very important fact is that... I'm (in luv with the coco) sorry.
I meant, I'm so fucking done with people's rules, and standards.

I have to add something to this. I am not heterosexual. I'm definitely not. Aaaaaand, I'm a feminist girl in a sexist society. So yeah, I'm this pimple in the ass for my society. Anyways I'm happy with my life. It could be worse.

Yeah... This is me more or less
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