Salutations fellow Wattpaders! 
My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it is all gone! That's why I write. About once a month, a sane thought actually floats across my mind so I grab it and scrawl it down before I forget it. Mostly, my imagination sparks with colour and crazy thoughts (once I even thought about God making a necklace of humans, I mean talk about random).
I love listening to music, singing (I don't care if I sound like a howler monkey), playing my double bass, acting, reading (it's addictive), writing (ditto), drawing, painting, sketching, doodling (on text books, over my hands but never on paper), chocolate and making people laugh!
I wish that my body was as fast as my mind as I usually win any arguments that I participate in and have an answer for everything (not boasting, not boasting...). And lets just say- well I'm speedy compared to a snail.
My ambitions are to find another primary colour, find the Garden of Eden and become a best-selling author. I'm not going to say my favourite books or authors because there are just too many to count!
I've been writing since I could pick up a pencil but most of the work I did (if you can call it work) when I was younger is about handsome princes and castles and all that rubbish. Sometimes I draw illustrations and pictures to go with my work, especially characters. I find it helps make them more 3D when one has a picture of them in their head.
When I look back on my work, I realise how bad it was! I hope I have improved a little since then.
I am one of those people who picks all the little bits of fluff off the floor because they can't be bothered to go downstairs and get the vacuum cleaner. And nope, I don't have Facebook or Twitter or Flitter or MySpace or any other kind of thing like that but will soon (but I do have MyBedroom).
Thanks for reading my rant and enjoy my work:D
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Hey guys! I'm new to this website. I love to write (obvs) and read. My other hobbies include art and music and drama. Feel free to comment (tear apart) any of my work and it will be greatly appreciat...
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