This is an account made up of four best friends: @Cricketleg (Cricket), @Spookflame (Spook), @PebbleHeartLove (Swift), and @Turtlestep (Turtle).

We all are best friends and all love Warriors! All of us are proud WindClan cats!

For spoilers, here are what books we're on:

Cricket: Power of Three: Outcast
Spook: Midnight
Swift: Read them all :D
Turtle: Outcast

About the members!



Swift: I love cats so much it's probably unhealthy. I love warrior cats and will always remember the day I picked up my first Warriors book. My favorite cats include Brackenfur, Whitestorm, Hollyleaf and Sorreltail! Make sure to check out my favorite fanfic by me: Fall of the Birds!

Turtle: I like turtles and that's really it.
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