My Thoughts on the day wtf how i get these many followers i bet most are dead accouts

Books I am cooking in my Fresh stove -

[I]-What if wattpad
[I]-Journey of my life
[I]-My Art Book
[I]-Loner I, II, III (Maybe)
[I]-A good place to rant = here (If 1000 follower impossible)

So I Am -

[Dun dun dun]

[O] Capricorn
[O] Jan 3 Birthday
[O] Male
[O] 14 (lied about my age before)
[O] Has a crush on Sleep
[O] Grumpy
[O] Gonna kill you if You give me more homework
[O] Can play few songs on superpad but still need practise
[O] Can play chess but at a medium level
[O] No friends at school :,(

People I like -

No one [Cause I am grumpy]
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