Hi, I'm Poz. That's just a nickname but some people call me it or Rosalita (also just a nickname).

While I may not sound like much, I'm cool and usually calm. I am a Harry Potter addict.

I also kind of like PJO and others of a similar ilk.

I have taken many 'what Hogwarts House are you in?' quizzes but I never get the same answer. Either Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Hence 'PoZlytherPuff66'. If I have to choose 1 house I'd go Slytherin, but only because of Slythie's bad reputation (and the fact I'm 1 when I took the Pottermore Sorting Hat's quiz).

So don't make me choose. I'm a Slytherpuff and PROUD!!!


J e r c y
P i p a b e t h
S o l a n g e l o
V a l d a n g e l o
V a l g r a c e
P e r c a b e t h
J i p e r / J a s p e r
J a s i c o
C a l e o
T h a l u k e
T h e y n a
F r a z e l
F r e a o
H i n n y
R o m i o n e
D r a r r y
B l e o / T h a i s e
D e a m u s
D r a s t o r i a
D r a m i o n e
P o k e
R a n d o m ~ O t h e r ~ S h i p s ~ T h a t ~ N o - O n e ~ E l s e ~ C a r e s ~ A b o u t

Disclaimer: I do not own HP, HTTYD, Eragon, HoO or PJO, unfortunately.
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I'm going to do a series with young demigods one-shot. For one of, ‘A Hero in the Making’ I am hoping to have a one-shot out by the end of this month. ‘Animalistic’ will probably have a one-shot publ...
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