Hey everyone! I am holding a contest!
          	Here are the rules:
          	1. Draw your (y/n) (preferably in color)
          	2. Send me a photo of your drawing (please makes sure your photo is clear and easy to see)
          	3. Tell me about your (y/n) (optional)
          	4. Have fun!
          	I will chose 3 winners and 5 honorable mentions.
          	- The prize for winners is a colored portrait of their (y/n)!
          	- The prize for honorable mentions is a shaded portrait (not colored).
          	If you’d like to get a preview of my art style, please check out my Instagram @Phantomfics. 
          	The deadline is February 10th.
          	I’ll announce the winners on my insta and here on wattpad a few days after the deadline.
          	I’ll try to get all prizes prepared by Valentine’s Day!
          	Have fun and don’t stress! And remember to drink some water!


idk how to send images on wattpad so i put it in my artbook  hope thats ok


@PhantomFics that’s what I used lol now I just gotta figure how to send it to u on here-


@Lecrackheads you can do what you like! Feel free to use picrew too!


Hello author! I had just wanted to say that your composition is absolutely gorgeous. I don't quite know what happened, but I hope you take your time and are going through life's hurdles with much resistance. Do take care, please stay safe, and don't mind the folks and pressure. I'd love to read new chapters again, but only if you're comfortable and willing, and I'm sure many others think alike.
          Much love; an old reader that migrated to a new account.