- directioner (obviously)
- larrie
- she/her
- unlabeled♡
- sag♐
- 16
- prolly bored
- I love music (a life without music is not a life honey)
- I'm very sarcastic
- I'm a bit of a perfectionist (not always that good...)
- I'm bad at taking compliments
- I hate being in a 'bad' mood and I absolutely can't be mad at someone for a long time (5 or 10 minutes at most)
- I like playing basketball
- I'm pretty introverted/shy (except with people I know well) (or don't care about lol) (getting better @ it)
- a lot more but I'm too lazy to write it down rn lol

Btw: I'm prolly writing "btw" and "prolly" way too often (I'm prolly also writing things in brackets way too often) (I just kinda like it) (u know)

✨Always remember:✨
> do it the tommo way
> "don't eat yellow snow"
> "don't worry about it"
> "Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain"
> good vibes only (okay... Let's say most of the time)
> you are worth everything!😘
(pls NEVER EVER forget this one. I may don't know u personally but I know that you deserve everything and you are worth all of the whole damn universes out there. I hope all your biggest dreams come true one day and you and your family is healthy and wealthy and living the best life. Ofc I also hope so do your friends but real friends turn into family <3)

To all homophobes, transphobes, racists etc.: fuck off🖕

Ok that was a lot💀
Thx for reading <3

Hurt them and I'll be your death! 😇 @habshihalwa
@___DIRECTIONER__07 (love our convos <3) @in_lovewith_lou (it's scary how much we have in common but I love it lol)
@Sallievia (I just fkn love and adore you)

Feel free to pm me if u need something/someone to talk to. Always!

Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈

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