Just updated The Pirate's Captive :)


@Pepperlicious aaaand I loved it


Hi you did a great job with your story a scandalous job. I hope you'll make a sequel for it. My mind is creating a lot of possible scenarios for both Piper and Chance. Geez I just love the characters and the story itself.
          Oh another one, I hope you have another story for Cooper and Kiara, I think you'll be able to make a beautiful story about them too. 


Yes, pls. Update your scandalous job. Thanks for sharing this story for free to us your readers. Thumbs up author.


Hi i was reading ur book Scandalous job and it was great i just hope u write a squeal please cant wait ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Hi everyone!!!
          I know I haven't been on here in forever and unfortunately I've logged on with some bad news. I have been informed about users on Wattpad (and on other websites) that have been plagiarizing my stories, specifically The Pirate's Captive. As a result, I have temporarily taken down TPC until I can be assured that the story will not suffer any more plagiarism. Thank you for all your understanding, and hopefully I can re-publish it soon! 


@Pepperlicious where is the sequel of the scandalous job?


Will there be a sequel to Scandalous Job? It was an amazing story and I feel like there should be more to it because of the way Chance feels for Piper, but you are the author so it is your decision. 


Haha I came to post the exact same question. I totally agree with you!