Paul E. Horsman is a Dutch and international Fantasy author.
Born in Bussum, a quiet little suburbal village in the Netherlands (1952), he now lives in Roosendaal, a town near the Belgian border.

After finishing school and doing a stint in the army in tropical Surinam, he served for thirty years as a Scoutmaster. Professionally, he earned his bread in various business capacities.

From 1995 to 2012 he was an instructor at a large educational institution - where he explained to foreigners the wonders of the Dutch language and customs - until Governmental budget cuts terminated both the school and his job.
Since then is Horsman a full-time fantasy author.

His first three Dutch books have been trade published in The Netherlands by Zilverspoor.
His English books and later Dutch books are self-published under the Red Rune Books label and appear at Amazon and many major on-line bookstores, both in print and e-book.
Most of his stories are written for Young Adult, though his present series 'Wyrms of Pasandir' are aimed at the age of 13+.

His tales are a mixture of old-fashioned fantasy, mythology and steampunk, and are characterized by their positive mood. Equality and friendship, courage and determination, humor and growth form some of the colors with which Horsman paints his stories. His worlds and their peoples are diverse and full of adventure. And behind it all there is always that dusty scent of old death so characteristic of dungeons, and the smell of dragons, kobolds or other denizens of other worlds.

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Stories by Paul E Horsman
The Road To Kalbakar, Wyrms of Pasandir #1 by PaulEHorsman
The Road To Kalbakar, Wyrms of Pasandir #1 Fantasy
Seventeen-year-old Eskandar is the lowest of the low among the crew of the Navy sloop Tipred. As ship's boy, he runs messages, gets the dirtiest jobs and tries to stay out of his betters' way. It is a dull but safe...
Shardfall, The Shardheld Saga, #1 by PaulEHorsman
Shardfall, The Shardheld Saga, #1 Fantasy
Muus is only a thrall, a chattel without rights, but he knows the small, blue shard he picked up belongs to him alone. His commonsense saves their lives from cold and starvation. ...
RHIDAUNA, The Shadow of the Revenaunt, Book 1 by PaulEHorsman
RHIDAUNA, The Shadow of the Revenaunt, Book 1 Fantasy
'Rhidauna', the first book of the great fantasy series 'The Shadow of the Revenaunt'. The night before his Coming-of-Age, Ghyll and his two friends escape their castle on a clandestine boar hunt that will forever...