who's cool? I AM! 
I obviously (don't) LOOVEEEE Alaska. and she isss soooo (not) cooler than me.
Alaska was here BBIITTCHHESS! <3
oh, and fan @AlaskaHeartsNigeria she is obviously cool.
Even tho her stories (don't) suck ass.
btw, her stories are coooool!
oh, if you haven't read any of them already, READ THEM!
feel free to guilt trip her into updating!
With boogers and lice and everything including mice,

p.s, my remix to "With sugar and rice, and everything nice" :D
oh gawd i should submit that as a story! i bet i'd be wattpad famous!
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    in yo dreamssss c(;
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    Apr 02, 2012 04:30AM
NigeriaHeartsAlaska NigeriaHeartsAlaska Aug 23, 2012 05:13AM
@book_freak97 No, sorry. It's an insider with my bestfriend @AlaskaHeartsNigeria :)
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