Hi everyone, I'm not dead. Hahaha, you are all so silly. I honestly got swept up in life and lost my love for writing. I finished college, started my career, hated it and now i'm starting over again. Please forgive me for leaving you for such a long time. I'm not promising I won't come back but I'll try my best to finish off with what I left you all. My writing style has changed a lot, as well as my personality. I'm doing my best and I know you are all too. Let's stay safe and happy <3 -NamedL


@NamedL I think everyone forget about u...


@NamedL whatever is going on, the most important thing is for you to concentrate on yourself, L. i understand the loneliness and uncertainty that life can bring and, truthfully, my heart goes out to you. i do hope you are doing okay.


@NamedL its a new year, love your books


Lisa is the peculiar youngest sister to her two beautiful sisters, but other from that, she's very content with the way she looks and doesn't really care about beauty-that is, until the most beautiful boy she has ever seen comes to visit. At first she finds herself captivated to the boy and starts to feel something for him, but she is shocked to find that he is a bully, haughty and conceited, and he believes that only beautiful people should be seen with him. Everything happens so fast, and Lisa pretends that these beautiful monster words don't effect her.


PLEASE HELP find the author of the book BAD BOYS ALSO CRY. It's written by suspicious minds It's a popular boyxboy story. It has Adam and Diego as main characters. I read it years ago but now I want to read it again It's in my archive but it's not opening whne I'm clicking the book. Anyone know where else can I find the author or the book so please tell. I searched the book and authors name here but it's not showing idk anu socials of authors but I wanna know if she deleted the or wanted to make it paid or else why the book is not opening on wattpad. I don't even know he account on wattpad to ask her :(((