URL for adding an appeal process to Wattpad's Deletion Policy: https://chng.it/CP2k44bs
URL for Crunchyroll fixing their sh*t: https://chng.it/FrT5dfM7wN
Fanfiction.net username: FireFaithe Pikamon01
I am currently in the process of backing up everything and posting it on my Archive account here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/FireFaithe/works (As in, I post my stories to Archive rather than Wattpad because Wattpad has deleted so many of my stories that don't even break their rules. I use Wattpad specifically for its notification system.)
Status: I'm currently in a yaoi phase, so any of my straight stories are on hold. Also, in addition to backing up my stories, I am rewriting the missing parts of I'm His Property (IHP). During the semester, I usually don't have the time to write or anything.
I use Japanese (and occasionally German) words from time to time, courtesy of watching too much anime (& learning those languages) :P I also use {} parenthesis for author's notes, & i means Italics and i0 means Italics out outside of stories (since I can't use actual Italics).
PLEASE... Read each and every chapter because it will not make sense if u read one and skip another. Every chapter is dire, so don't skip chapters. It will be confusing if u do skip them. AND... tell me if u want it updated because I update certain ones depending on who likes it. Also, COMMENT. Tell me what u like or dislike please!! (I also tend to review my stories when they have comments, and that makes it more likely to be updated as well.)
I only ever notify my followers if I think something is important for them to know or if I'm asking certain questions, for the record.
I hope you enjoy my stories! ED
For those that keep up with my stories, thank u SO much. I get really excited when I see someone reading it and/or following me, & that means I'm extremely happy about all my followers! Thanks! TvT
I don't own the pic for my profile; I just added a picture of a Katsuki bug I took (satisfied smirk)
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