"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere"-A.Einstein.


My most favorite genres are mystery and fantasy, so if you have recommendations on Wattpad based on those don't hesitate to message me.


If you've come this far I'm conceitedly sure you want to know a few famous facts about me.

So, for number one, I'm on a diet consisting mainly of chocolate, milk and absolutely zero veggies.

I care about my skin and my teeth way more than about what I put inside my body. (That sounded weird out loud. . .)

I'm a straight A student when but I'm currently struggling to maintain that. *frowns*

What else? I love Alan Walker music videos, and Bebe Rexha's songs. Oh, Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man. AND IMAGINE FREAKIN' DRAGONS. *clears throat*

Seriously, if you'd ask me who's the cutest boy on Earth I'd either Brent or Shawn. (Brent please.)

Or maybe even Blake.

But from my realm, I won't hesitate to answer Duke.

More information or simply want to chat with me? DM me because I really love chatting and rant/vent/complain/fan about everything that has the question WHAT?! at the end.

Your deceitful acquantaince, Zara🌼
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