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•known as the quietest since birth•

•known as the unknowned girl since childhood•

•known as a hopeless romantic since youth•

"That's all I know about myself"

other than my name, and my thirteen years of life.

One more thing; don't let the colour drain from your face, your life. I'm different, I was born in dull grey.

You can see it in my eyes, through my soul.

And I am mysterious in grey.


How does it feel to love someone that never existed?

I'm lost in a dream. Eternally unconscious for a living. Woke up from a nightmare that breathed in life. Trapped between fantasy and lies.

Slipping far off edge of reality and sanity- let my hand go. I rather fall than hold onto a collapsing cliff.

Someone stole the only thing that pumps life into me.

And I could never have it back, it was stolen by someone who didn't exist.


Taylor and Ferrot bromance.

Just Ferrot for me
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