Here's ten things about me:
1.) I'm a Starship Ranger.
2.) I have conversations with my cat.
3.) I lurve Charlie McDonnell.
4.) I have a lot of feelings about Sherlock. Johnlock.
5.) Darren Criss is the definition of perfect.
6.) I love alternative music!
7.) Harry Potter wins at life.
8.) I love art, writing and music - I play piano:)
9.) I lived in Finland during ages 1-4 of my life.
10.) Tom Felton is sex on a stick.

Two of my favourite bands are All Time Low and Mumford And Sons. I also love Fall Out Boy, The Wombats, Walk The Moon, Green Day, Paramore and Bon Iver :)

I'm a part of the llarmary ;) so yeah I'm a huge dan and phil fan :3

If you like Darren Criss check out the poem I wrote below!

Feel free to message me, I'm more than happy to talk :)

Follow me on tumblr and you will make me extremely happy!!

"Where have you been all my life?"
"In a cupboard, under some stairs!"
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MoonShoes_DC MoonShoes_DC Feb 17, 2013 01:07AM
@fluffysocks27 I am English, and used to watch corrie actually, but yeah again I'm really sorry, even the pet unicorn will probably be disappointed at not being able to grant those wishes. I'm glad y...
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No Ordinary Fan Fiction...

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Description: Harry Potter (Darren Criss actually...), StarKid, Twilight, Justin Bieber, Doctor Who, Pirates Of The Caribbean and guest appearances from Sherlock, One Direction and others all in one tasty sausage roll. (WAT...


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The Boy With Eyes Like Autumn Leaves (Darren Criss Poem)

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Harp-Shaped Heart (Poem)

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