**Read As If You Were Link**

As you defeat water blight ganon with the final arrow in your quiver the creature lets out an almost horrifying high pitched scream, light protruded out of its body until fully becoming a ball of light. once the creature was gone you sighed walking up to the main control unit and placing your slate down you hear a voice saying "hello link" you turn around as to see a smiling Mipha, she seems to be in spirit form like the other champions you had saved before her, she walks towards you granting you her power of 'Miphas grace'.soon a sparkling light surrounded you as you were taken off the divine beast. Although you may never see mipha again it was comforting to know she was safe and free
Name: "Im Mipha"
Title(s): "Well I prefer Mipha but if you must Princess of the Zora or Zora Champion of Hyrule"
gender: "Im a female"
home: "I live in hyrule - zoras domain"
family: "My father King Dorephan and little brother Prince Sidon"
race: "Im a Zora"
admin: All Hail The Fish With Boobs 🙏👌
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Yall Welcome back to the hell that is my accountI have changed too MIPHA!! wooo from the legend of zelda breath of the wildalthough I am EXTREMELY inactive nowadays if any of you actually wanna ta...
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