Well where to start my name is Mikayla my friends and family call me Muff (Funny I know but i'm stuck with it.)

About Me:
- I love reading and ocasionally try to write a story.

- have just recently finished year 12. Bring on the real world :/

- Favourite Authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, J. R. Ward, Kresley Cole, Jeaniene Frost and Nora Roberts.

- I wish they would make movies for just about every book that i read because well who wouldn't wanna see hotties on the big screen!!

- I have too many favourite books and movies to even name.

- I can't read a book that has no romance in it; i find it completly boring.

- I live in Australia, in a small town that you would never find on a map.

- I have three of the absolutly best mates ever, there practically my sisters. I also have three sisters, two older and one younger :)

- I love original Pringles, i am currently eating some right now.

- I Hate when people do abbreviated text because i cannot understand it. Lol

- I quote movie lines like nobody's buisness. (Baby Mama, White chicks, Step brothers etc.) "Why you so sweaty? Been watchin cops. You tea bagged my drum set and i know for a fact that cops dosen't start till 4!!

- I would not be able to live without my iphone or laptop.

- I didn't think my story's are that great but I love writing and hope you enjoy them :/ haha

Any way i think thats enough facts about me. Soo peace out V :P
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MikaylaGalbraith commented on The Four Fs - Chapter 22

"Yeah, and she didn't give me any of the money so I started doing chores for my Mum instead. After that, he fingered me and then we started going out. Actually we were already friends with benefits b...
Every time they say fingering I vomit in my mouth a little. Lol